Hello there, thank you for stopping by my website!

My name is Keelan Julian McLean Franzen, I live in Santa Cruz California, and I am 18 years old. 

Growing up on the beautiful central coast of California gave me a love for nature and exploring the wild. Some other interest of mine included Paleontology, Film(movies), and interior design. Most of all I love the art of Photography.  I have been fascinated with cameras since I was just a kid. I first started to learn the skills of photography in high school when I took a B&W film photo class. About a year later when I got a smart-phone with decent camera I really fell in love with photography. Since then I have been teaching my self new tricks all the time. I am by no means an expert, as I still have much to learn and many tools to try, but I hope you enjoy what I have captured so far!

In my work I try to capture unique and beautiful views of the incredible world surrounding us all.

Cameras used on this site: (so far)

  • iPhone 5s
  • GoPro hero4 silver
  • Canon AE-1 (film)
  • Currently saving up for my first DSLR